Lenten News

Ash Wednesday

The Season of Lent begins with a Special mass on Ash Wednesday. During this season we dicipline ourselves in Jesus in extraordinary practices. Contemplate now what you would like to offer to Our Lord. Will you deny yourself something special? Will you do something extra kind for others? Will you you enhance your own way of life? Whatever you decide is between you a dnd Jesus, so choose wisely and practically what you will do (or won’t do) for Lent as we begin our discipline a practice the coming wednesday…Ash Wednesday!

Stations of the “Holy Cross”

Stations of the Cross will be each Friday during Lent . The devotion begins at 6:00pm, will conclude before 7:00pm. Please plan to make the Stations a part of you Lenten Discipline!

Family Night Stations of the Cross

Please plan to come to Family Night on March 29th, Devotions will be dedicated to the family. We will pray together at 6:00pm and then we will gather at the Parish Center for a super Lenten Supper! Everyone is invited and welcome, bring you friends and make this facet of Lent a warm experience.

Lenten Growth and Gathering

Lent is also a time to strengthen your Faith. We will have a formal gathering to share dn discuss the true reasons that the Chief priests and Elders crucified Our Lord. Jesus was obedient to His Father, but why did Jesus die in the manner that MadisonGreen290e did? Why did the Heavenly Father allow his Soun to undergo such a horrific ordeal? Could we still have the same mind today as the Chief Priests did back then? Please come, share and explore your Faith as we talk about the Passion of Jesus Christ. We will do this on Wednesday, March 27th at 1 :00pm in the Parish Center. All are welcome!

Local News

New Philadelphia Borough TAXES collected March and April at the Good Intent Fire Company- Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 5:30pm-7:00pm.

New Philadelphia Community Organization:

~MEETING- 1st Monday of the month @6:30 pm in the Library.

~NIGHT AT THE RACES- Saturday, March 9th @7:00pm at Holy Cross Parish Center.

Admission: $10 (includes food and drinks) Winning horse wins you $20. Advance horse purchase+ $5 - call Betty Brnulis @ 570-277-0251 / Michele Gustas @ 570-277-6957.